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Woman-Protects-Littl-6351037-236x200-webIf you are facing a family law matter, most likely you are being confronted with stressful, life-changing events. Napariu Law, LLC’s focus is to competently guide and assist you through these uncertain and difficult times. In circumstances like these, you can rest assured that, with her distinctive ability to understand your unique situation, Ms. Napariu will draw on her extensive experience in the following matters:

Dissolution of Marriage/Divorce: Many issues surface when spouses decide to divorce, such as how assets and debts will be divided, who will have custody of the children, and spousal support matters. Depending on you and your spouse’s circumstances, these issues can often give rise to highly contentious disputes. For this reason, it is essential that you hire an attorney who can ensure your interests are safeguarded throughout the divorce process.

Divorce-And-Separation-Concep-43421968-236-200-web• Custody Issues: Indiana courts award joint or sole custody depending on the best interests of the child. Ms. Napariu provides comprehensive and effective representation to obtain results that will be most optimal for you and your family.

Pre- and Post-Nuptial Agreements: Premarital or postmarital agreements can safeguard an individual’s financial assets in the event of divorce or death of a spouse. Ms. Napariu has extensive experience successfully drafting and reviewing these agreements to ensure that your assets are protected.

Parenting Time/Visitation: Ms. Napariu helps parents establish visitation arrangements that are the most suitable for their needs and the needs of their children, taking into account issues such as frequency of visitations, transportation, and relocation that can often arise.

Asset Valuation & Distribution: Ms. Napariu works to determine the value of the assets that are part of a client’s marital estate, and ensure that they are distributed according to Indiana laws and the client’s best interests. These assets can include retirement benefits, houses and other property, business ownership interests, vehicles, and joint bank accounts. For more information about how property is divided in Indiana, please see the Property Division in Indiana page.

father-and-son-sitting-togethe-6153228-236-200-webModification of Support & Custody: After the court has issued orders concerning child support, custody, and spousal support, many individuals experience life changes, such as an illness or job loss, which may affect their ability to comply with the court’s orders. In cases such as these, Ms. Napariu helps clients modify existing support and custody orders so that new orders, accurately reflecting their current circumstances, can be obtained.

Other Family Law-Related Services: We have experience helping clients with paternity issues and dispute, and we have experience assisting individuals, stepparents, and grandparents with adoptions.

For an experienced lawyer who can assist you with your family law or business matter, contact Olivia Napariu, Attorney at Law for assistance.

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